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Iran Builds Nukes: Striking Fear Among Nations

If you are always watching the news, you probably heard that Iran is trying to build nuclear power plants for peaceful energy generation. And according to their claim, they could be trusted with nuclear power. Any nation would be shaken if they discovered that one of the world’s countries is aiming for nuclear power even […]

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The Top Five Ways to Save Nature

Are your ears already deaf from the loud cries of Mother Earth? She is shouting in pain and yet no one dares to come to her rescue. She has given a lot to us and yet we only treated her badly. We pity her for all her misfortunes, but pity is not enough to ease […]

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Kids Can Be Nature’s Superheroes

Kids are naughty and rowdy, but like the adults, kids carry a lot of pride. Kids are simply boastful and proud when they have done something only by themselves. They like to be praised and applauded by their parents or by other people. This time, why don’t you help your kid take more pride in […]

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